Erlang R11B-5 in Fink

My friend jao has asked me to update the Erlang package in Fink to the latest version. It is still under validation, so until it is committed you can use this file. To install it, just type:

$ tar zxvf erlang-otp-R11B-5-fink.tar.gz
$ sudo cp erlang-otp-R11B-5-fink/*
$ fink index; fink rebuild erlang-otp; fink install erlang-otp

It’s better if you backup your old Erlang Fink files, just in case.

Update 2007/12/05: Erlang R12B-0 has been released and the Fink package updated.

Update 2007/07/06: committed to Fink unstable.

Update 2007/06/28: added unixodbc2 and ncurses5 dependencies.


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